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2021-03-31 17:20:12文/董玉莹



1. Ben was helping his mother when the rain began to beat heavily _____ the windows.

A. against B. across C. above D. below

2.—It is raining _____.

—Yes, it is a _____ rain.

A. heavy; heavily B. heavily; heavily C. heavy; heavy D. heavily; heavy

3.—Keep quiet, son! I need complete _____ when I'm working.

—Sorry, Dad. I won't make any noise again.

A. trust B. silence C. control D. strength

4.—How strange! You sit in your room _____ for a long time, Li Ming.

—I just want to be quiet for a while. I'm sorry, Dad. I failed the test again.

A. in silence B. in person C. in public D. in fact

5.What were you doing _____ the rainstorm came?

A. when B. where C. why D. how

6.—I found a good job in the big city _____.

—How lucky you are!

A. completely B. loudly C. differently D. recently

7.—We'd better ask the local people when we'll get to the next town.

—We did. But nobody could say _____ it would take.

A. how often B. how far C. how long

8.—What are you expecting to do when the flu stops spreading?

—I ________ the world and enjoy different food.

A. go around B. have been on a tour of C. will travel around

9.—Lily is intelligent and hard-working, she _______ do well in the singing competition.

—Sure. She was born to be a singer.

A. should B. might C. can't

10.—Lucy, I plan to drive to Qinghai by myself.

—Really? _____! You are still a new driver!

A. No problem B. Good idea C. Have a good time D. You're kidding



Do you want to have fun in Oxford? Take a bus tour!

11.The first bus tour begins at 9:35 from _________.

A. Trinity College B. Oxford Railway Station

C. Queen's College D. Gloucester Green Bus Station

12.How much is a 24-hour family ticket?

A. £ 16.50. B. £ 19.00. C. £ 40.00. D. £ 45.00.

13.In Magdalen College, tourists can _________.

A. visit the bell tower

B. read in the best library in Oxford

C. find many book shops

D. see the hall in the Harry Potter films


Both of my two sons were born in Toronto, but they moved with us to Ottawa when they were quite young. They went to school there, grew up there. Later, one of my sons went to Canada's east coast near a city called Halifax and the other moved to the west coast to Vancouver. My wife and I were left in the middle.

As we nearly retired (退休), we started to think where we should spend our final years. For several reasons we decided to live on a small town on Vancouver Island, where was close to one of my sons. However, the son moved to Hollywood soon after he had got another job there. I helped him move.

We still lived a happy life in our little west coast town, but we have paid a price. We have not been there for some important events such as the births of our grandchildren. We have missed watching them grow up; we have missed backyard barbecues(烧烤) and basketball weekends with them. Our home, while very comfortable, was also very quiet.

Every fall we travel to see the children. We usually fly, first to California to see our son Scott and spend a week or more with him trying to catch up on everything we've missed. Then, usually in November, we make the even longer trip east across Canada to see Travis and our grandchildren, who were about their twenties.

Fortunately, both our sons are doing well and grandchildren are growing up straight and tall. We love all of them and they love us. We're very happy but there are times I think about the things we didn't see; the tears or the smile on the granddaughter's face, their school graduations, my sons' joy at successes in business.

Life has been good for our family but we have all paid a price.

14.The writers sons grew up in ________.

A. Toronto B. Ottawa C. Halifax D. Vancouver

15.From the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3, we can infer (推断) that the writer ________.

A. wanted to live a noisy life B. was satisfied with retired life

C. lived a comfortable life D. was sometimes lonely

16.Which of the following important events did the writer miss?

A. The births of his grandchildren.

B. School graduations of his grandchildren.

C. The successful times of his sons' business.

D. All of the above.

17.For his family life, the writer implies(暗示) ________.

A. they all regret not living together all the time although enjoying a happy life

B. they enjoy a happy life because they can see each other every year

C. they are proud of the sons and the grandchildren

D. they love the sons and the grandchildren

18.What's the best title for the passage?

A. Living a happy life B. A price to pay

C. Moving from east to west D. My sons and grandchildren


Dear Daddy,

How's everything going? It has been so many days since you went to Wuhan. Do you still remember the 19 before you left? You looked worried, and I saw the luggage(行李) in your bedroom. I asked you, "Are you going to leave 20 ?" You smiled and put your hand on my head, saying, "I'm just tidying up some clothes."

Later that night, I learned that you and Mom had asked to be sent to Wuhan, and were waiting for a 21 . At that moment, I really hoped that 22 of you would get the call. 23 , your phone still rang. I almost cried out in fear as if I were going to Wuhan myself.

The next morning, I got up 24 . During the breakfast, you smiled and asked me if I would miss you. I pretended(假装) it was no big deal and said, "I 25 send you a message whenever I miss you."

You left even before the sun rose. I waved(挥手) to you until I couldn't see you any more. And my eyes were filled with 26 . I later realized it was the Lantern Festival. I wrote down "Waiting for you to 27 ." in my notebook. I knew the people of Wuhan needed you more than I did.

At night, Mom sent me some photos. I found you in the photos at once, "Hey, this is my daddy!" I was so 28 of you!

Daddy, we all miss you. I love you, forever and ever.



1.A.day B.month C.year

2.A.on vacation B.on business C.for pleasure

3.A.letter B.ticket C.call

4.A.either B.neither C.both

5.A.Besides B.Also C.However

6.A.slowly B.early C.happily

7.A.can B.must C.should

8.A.surprises B.smiles C.tears

9.A.go away B.come back C.work out

10.A.tired B.afraid C.proud

四、根据对话内容, 将方框内符合对话情境的句子抄写在对话空白处, 使对话恢复完整。有两项是多余的。(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

A: Hi, Mike. Long time no see. What are you doing these days?

B: I am busy preparing for the marathon(马拉松)in our city. 29_____

A: Wow! Volunteer? You are so great! When will it be held?

B: It will be held next month.

A: 30_____

B: A lot of things. I will pick up the rubbish, offer water to the runners and take photos for them.

A: That sounds cool. I want to be a volunteer, too. 31_____

B: You should fill in the form on the Internet by Friday first. Then you will get a call.

A: Is there anything else I need to do?

B: Yes. 32_____ I'm sure you can make it. I'm looking forward to working with you.

A: 33_____ Thank you very much.

B: You are welcome.

I hope so.

What will you do in the marathon?

It's a good idea to run in the marathon.

I will work as a volunteer.

What should I do?

You will also have an interview.

What do you do?


When we watch movies about the future, we sometimes see robots. 34. Today there are already robots working in factories. Some can help to build cars, and they do simple jobs over and over again. 35. Scientists are now trying to make robots do the same things as we do. Some robots in Japan can walk and dance.36.他们观看起来是有趣的。 Scientist James White thinks that robots will never be able to wake up and know where they are. But many scientists disagree with Mr. White. They think that robots will even be able to talk like humans in 25 to 50 years. Some scientists believe that 37.未来会有更多的机器人. In India, for example, scientists made robots that look like snakes. If buildings fall down with people inside, these snake robots can help look for people under the buildings. This was not possible 20 years ago, but computers and rockets also seemed impossible 100 years ago. 38. IMG_256We never know what will happen in the future!

六、写作题 (共1小题;每小题19分,满分19分)

周末是我们生活中重要的一部分,合理利用周末时间对青少年至关重要。某校英语杂志社就"如何让周末生活更有意义"开展征文活动。请你根据下面的思维导图, 以"How to Make Our Weekends More Meaningful"为题,用英语写一篇短文投稿。




解析:句意: 当雨开始猛烈地拍打窗户时, 本正在帮助他的妈妈。against"碰, 撞"; across"穿过, 横穿"; above在......上面"; below"在......下面"。根据短语beat against…拍打......可知选A。


解析:heavily是副词, 修饰动词; heavy是形容词, 修饰名词。根据句中的is raining和rain可知答案选D。


解析:trust"信任"; silence"寂静"; control"控制"; strength"力量"。根据上一句"保持安静, 儿子!"及答语中的"我不会再制造任何噪音了"可知, 此处表示"我在工作的时候需要完全的安静", 故选B。


解析:in silence"沉默"; in person"亲自"; in public"公开地; 当众"; in fact"实际上"。由"我只想安静一会儿。抱歉, 爸爸, 我考试又没及格"可推知此处意为"李明, 你默默地坐在房间里好长时间了"。故选A。


解析:句意: 当暴风雨来临的时候, 你在做什么? when意为"当……的时候", 符合句意。


解析:句意: —我最近在这个大城市里找到了一份好工作。—你多么幸运啊! completely"完全地, 完整地"; loudly "大声地"; differently "不同地"; recently"最近"。根据句意可知答案选D。


解析:考查副词短语辨析。句意为:我们最好问问当地人我们什么时候可以到达下一个镇。我们问了。但是没有人能够说明需要多长时间。根据问句中的"when"可知,答句是对时间进行提问,应用how long,表示"多长时间"。故选C。






解析:句意: —露西, 我打算自己开车去青海。—真的吗?你在开玩笑!你还是个新手司机! A项"没问题"; B项"好主意"; C项"玩得愉快"; D项"你在开玩笑"。由句意可知答案选D。



答案:11-13 DCA

解析:11.细节理解题。根据Timetable部分中的"Gloucester Green Bus Station 09:35"可知,在9:35发车的第一趟观光车是从Gloucester Green Bus Station出发的。故选D。

12.细节理解题。根据Tour Prices部分中的"24hrs Family& £40.00"可知,24小时的家庭套餐的票价是40英镑。故选C。

13.细节理解题。根据See...部分中的"Magdalen College Its bell tower and gardens are famous sights in Oxford."可知,在莫德林学院,游客可以参观钟楼。故选A。


答案:14-18 BDDAB

解析:14.细节理解题。根据第一段第一、二句"Both of my two sons were born in Toronto,but they moved with us to Ottawa when they were quite young. They went to school there,grew up there."可知,作者的儿子在渥太华长大。故选B。


16.推理判断题。根据第三段第二句中的"such as the births of our grandchildren"及倒数第二段第二句中的"their school graduations,my son's joy at successes in business"可知,作者错过了孙子孙女的出生、毕业典礼和儿子在商业上取得成功的时刻,A、B 、C三项在文中均有涉及。故选D。

17.推理判断题。通读全文尤其是最后一段"Life has been good for our family but we have all paid a price."可知,虽然作者一家都过着不错的生活,但为了事业各奔东西,这让作者错过了很多重要的时刻,所以他们很后悔没有住在一起。故选A。

18.标题概括题。通读全文尤其是最后一段"Life has been good for our family but we have all paid a price."可知,虽然作者一家过着不错的生活,但他们在事业上取得成功的同时也付出了无法陪伴家人的代价。B项"付出代价"能够概括文章大意,适合做标题。故选B。


答案:1-5 ABCBC 6-10 BACBC

解析:19.考查名词辨析。根据上文中的"It has been so many days"可知,此处指"我"问父亲还记得他离开前的那一天吗?day意为"天",符合语境。故选A。

20.考查介词短语辨析。根据语境可知,此处指"我"看着父亲卧室的行李,问他是不是要去出差。on business意为"出差",符合语境。故选B。

21.考查名词辨析。根据下文中的"I really hoped that _____ of you would get the call"可知,此处指"我"知道父母亲将要奔赴武汉,现在正在等电话。call意为"电话",符合语境。故选C。

22.考查代词辨析。根据下文中的"I almost cried out in fear as if I were going to Wuhan myself."可知,此处指"我"希望父母亲都不要接到那个电话。neither意为"两者都不",符合语境。故选B。

23.考查副词辨析。根据上文语境及下文中的"your phone still rang"可知,此处指虽然"我"希望父母亲都不要接到电话,然而,父亲的手机还是响了。however意为"然而",符合语境。故选C。




27.考查动词短语辨析。根据语境可知,此处指"我"在笔记本上写下"等你(父亲)回来"。come back意为"回来",符合语境。故选B。

28.考查形容词辨析。根据语境可知,此处指"我"为父亲感到自豪。be proud of意为"为……感到骄傲/自豪",符合语境。故选C。


答案:29.I will work as a volunteer.

30. What will you do in the marathon?

31. What should I do?

32. You will also have an interview.

33. I hope so.

解析:29.根据答语"Wow! Volunteer?"可知, 这里是说"我将成为一名志愿者"。

30.根据答语"A lot of things. I will pick up the rubbish..."可知, 问句是询问"你在马拉松比赛中做什么?"。

31.根据答语"You should fill in the form on the Internet by Friday first. Then you will get a call." 可知, 问句应是询问"我应该做什么?"。

32.根据上文的"you will get a call"和后句"I'm sure you can make it. I'm looking forward to working with you. "可知, 此处意为"你也会有一个面试"。

33.根据情景可知, 该处需要回应对方对自己的肯定, 表达自己的愿望。




36.They are fun to watch.

37. there will be more robots in the future.




How to Make Our Weekends More Meaningful

Life on weekends is an important part of our daily life. How can we make our weekends more meaningful? Here are e some of my suggestions.

First of all, the weekend is a great time for family to get together. It's good to help our parents do some housework. That can help us understand each other better and show our love for them. Secondly, we should spend time developing our interests and hobbies at the weekend. For example, I would like to choose some books to read and communicate with others after reading. Thirdly, we can take part in volunteering activities, like visiting the old people's home or doing some cleaning in public places. Last but not least, to make ourselves healthier, taking exercise is a good choice.

In short, let's make good use of our weekends.